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Its limestone section is mainly mudstone and wackstone and can be light gray, off white, light grayish brown, soft, amorphous, cryptocrystalline to microcrystalline, chalky in parts, moderately argillaceous and having no visible porosity.
It was deposited in a shallow restricted basin represented by carbonate muds, pelletal, and argillaceous facies with a gypsum and anhydrite bearing interval.
The past stability of the ground is an important factor in assessing candidate sites for the deep geological disposal of radioactive wastes, and the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) formed the Working Group on the Characterisation, the Understanding and the Performance of Argillaceous Rocks as Repository Host Formations, known as the NEA Clay Club, and charged it with improving the scientific bases for clay host rocks in the context of geological disposal.
The logs show: - An argillaceous zone intercalated with sandstone sequences between 4,950 m and 5,519 m with a total thickness of 85 m of low-porosity Sandstone (<5%) and conforming at all levels with the data from phase 8-1/2" drilling.
Parent materials of 12 Associations used (from Macaulay Institute for Soil Research 1984) Associations Parent material Boyndie/Corby Fluvio-glacial sands and gravels derived from acid rocks Collieston Fluviatile deposits derived from Old Red Sandstone sediments together with gravel layers Countesswells Till derived from granites and granitic rocks Foudland Till derived from weakly metamorphosed rocks Insch Till derived from basic igneous rocks Cuminestown/Ordley Till derived from Old Red Sandstone sediments and argillaceous schists Peterhead Till derived from sedimentary rocks of Old Red Sandstone sediments Strichen Till derived from quartz-mica-schist Tarves Till derived from acid and basic rocks Tipperty Lacustrine sediments derived from Old Red Sandstones Table 2.
The lowest interval of the section is composed of interbedded argillaceous, iron oxide impregnated sandstone and sandy clay, with trace fossils and poorly preserved (moldic) megafauna.
This definition embraces a large variety of cementing materials Joseph (1824) patented the Portland cement and defined it as cement obtained by intimately heating a mixture of calcareous and argillaceous, or other silica-, iron oxide bearing materials together.
The Hampton Formation contains dark silty and sandy shale, argillaceous shale, feldspathic sandstone and impure quartzite arenites (Rodgers, 1953) interpreted to have been deposited in shallow-marine conditions by Cudzil and Driese (1987).
In the outcrop area of the Valmeyeran Warsaw Shale in southwestern Illinois the formation consists of less than 100 ft of gray shale containing beds of argillaceous limestone and is fossiliferous (Atherton and others 1975).
Liujiatan section and Zhongya section of carboniferous system Yanguan Group (Cly): greyblack middle thick silllike argillaceous limestone with greyblack flaggy siliceous rock or firestone band.