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They exhibit multiple phases of quartz vein emplacement and reactivation associated with intense argillic alteration and sulphide mineralization.
The wall rocks are variably mineralized with stockwork and strong argillic alteration and strong propylitic alteration of probable andesites.
The project is a CAP target with porphyry copper-style characteristics including quartz veins, propyllitic and argillic alteration and base and precious metals mineralisation identified in outcrop along the margins of the covered terrain.
Wildhorse Plain hosts an area of probable epithermal alteration made up of fluorite, argillic alteration and minor sulphide.
Multiple veins have been identified, with argillic alteration and erratic silver and gold values.
According to Dia Bras, "high grades of gold in outcrop over two structural trends, as well as highly anomalous stream sediment samples that indicate a gold mineralized area in the core of the large argillic alteration area" exist on the La Verde Prospect.
The strong argillic alteration of the host rocks has been interpreted to represent the upper portions of a high sulfidation deposit.
Road trenching in the southern part of the anomaly during 2014 encountered widespread silicification and strong argillic alteration associated with disseminated sulfides.
This work has outlined the Savinac mineralised belt (9 km by 2 km) which includes the Tilva Rosh epithermal system expressed on the surface with a large area of advanced argillic alteration covering 4km by 1km.
The country rocks (metamorphic basement) consist of gneisses and schists that exhibit weak to moderate argillic alteration and sometimes strong silicification.
phyllic and argillic alteration, is currently being investigated.
Gold mineralization is associated with quartz veining, silicification, argillic alteration and anomalous arsenic, antimony, and silver.