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in the Bible. 1 Boat of NoahNoah
[Heb.,=to rest], in the Bible, the builder of the ark. Righteous Noah and his family were the only people God saved from a world sunk in sin. At divine direction Noah built the ship that saved human and animal life from the Deluge, after which God established a covenant
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, which he built at God's command to preserve his family and certain creatures from the DelugeDeluge
, in the Bible, the overwhelming flood that covered the earth and destroyed every living thing except the family of Noah and the creatures in his ark. Archaeology has yielded little trace of the biblical flood, but some oceanographers and geophysicists have speculated
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. 2 Ark of the Covenant, the sacred wooden chest of the Hebrews, representative of God or identified with Him. It was overlaid with gold inside and out and was always heavily veiled; the high priest alone could look upon its uncovered surface. Especially guarded, it was carried about by staves thrust through rings on its side, for to touch it was a profanation punished by death. Uzza, while escorting the Ark, inadvertently broke this law and so lost his life. As its presence implied victory, it accompanied the warriors into battle, where once it was captured by the Philistines. Restored after many years, the Ark found a resting place in Solomon's Temple.


An ornamental, enclosed repository in a synagogue for the scrolls of the Torah.


the vessel that Noah built and in which he saved himself, his family, and a number of animals and birds during the Flood (Genesis 6--9)


1. the cupboard at the front of a synagogue, usually in the eastern wall, in which the Torah scrolls are kept
2. the most sacred symbol of God's presence among the Hebrew people, carried in their journey from Sinai to the Promised Land (Canaan) and eventually enshrined in the holy of holies of the Temple in Jerusalem
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However, to date this method has been applied to Russian ark shell populations only (Gabaev & Olifirenko 2001).
For the ark shell population in Sendai Bay, Japan, the severe overlap of the size distribution makes it difficult to apply the size distribution
The ark shell population in Mutsu Bay has been seriously depleted, and the dredge fishery for this species in this locality has not been operated since 1985.
The area at a water depth of ~20-30 m in Sendai Bay can be divided into two distinct areas based on the ark shell fishery's pattern of use.
However, little attention has been paid to the biological characteristics of the subcrenated ark shell, especially in terms of the seasonal changes in gonad development and spawning patterns.
The gonad of the subcrenated ark shell is not a discrete organ bur is arranged irregularly from foot to digestive gland; it is therefore difficult to determine gonad development from external observation.
The reproductive cycle of the subcrenated ark shell was examined by histological observation of the gonadal changes.
Thus, from December to March the sex of the subcrenated ark shell was unidentifiable.
In this study we examine changes in the mass of the gonads and somatic tissues of the tropical zebra ark shell Arca zebra (Swainson, 1833) throughout a year and relate the changes to environmental factors.
At monthly intervals from June 2002 to July 2003, we collected samples of ark shells A.
The gonad mass of the two largest groups of ark shells, measuring 50-70 mm and 70-90 mm in shell length, respectively, increased rapidly during the first months of the study to a peak in late September 2002, and then a major decrease occurred during October 2002 through January 2003 (Fig.
Although gonad mass was consistently low in ark shells up to a shell length of about 50 mm, the gonad index increased at 18-20 mm in shell length (up to 32%), indicating the onset of gonad production.