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see harmonicaharmonica.
1 The simplest of the musical instruments employing free reeds, known also as the mouth organ or French harp. It was probably invented in 1829 by Friedrich Buschmann of Berlin, who called his instrument the Mundäoline.
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Tibicines, artistic directori Igino Conforzi, La Stagione Armonica, conductor Sergio Balestracci.
Examples include the armonica, a musical instrument made of glasses containing water, a rudimentary printing press based on the one used by Ben Franklin to print his popular newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette, and a piggy bank, representing Franklin's maxim that "a penny saved is a penny earned.
Every school child learns that Ben Franklin was a lifelong student of science, having invented bifocals, the lightning rod, the glass armonica and an efficient stove.
volume XXIX of Analisa Armonica, 267-301, Cortona, 1988.
Franklin also invented the armonica, a musical--made of glass.
So he invented an easy-to-carry glass instrument called the armonica.
Los avances relativos de participacion politica de las "nuevas izquierdas" en la "tercera ola" de democratizacion en America Latina lejos de ser armonica, pueden ser catalogados como un tipo de integracion parcial o semiplena al sistema politico.
The series kicks off today with a performance by Portland jazz vocalist Armonica, accompanied by pianist Sid Bos.
William Wilde Zeitler, a 1975 graduate of California Institute of the Arts, brought his glass armonica, invented by Benjamin Franklin, and played it for fascinated onlookers during the market's Heart of the Holidays event.
For those seeking a more serene occasion, the Skampa Quartet, fresh from the Cheltenham Festival, will be playing music by Beethoven, Janacek and Schubert at All Saints Church, Leamington Hastings, near Rugby, while at at St Mary's Church, Tysoe, south Warwickshire, the Armonico Consort and the Armonica Tributo Baroque Orchestra will be aiming to create the mood of an Italian Summer .