Army Group

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Army Group


(German, Heeresgruppe), the highest operational-strategic unit of the ground forces in a theater of military action in the armed forces of some foreign states; it corresponds to the Soviet concept of the front.

The army group as a form of amalgamation of ground forces and as a level of control over them appeared at the end of 1914 and beginning of 1915 during World War I in the Anglo-French and German armies. During World War II (1939–45), the fascist German ground forces were consolidated into several army groups (there were three to four on the Soviet-German front), each of which included two to four field armies and reinforcements. After 1942 the fascist German army also had Armeegruppe, which were temporary amalgamations usually consisting of two armies which performed missions in a certain operational sector. The Anglo-American forces in the Western European theater of military operations during 1944—45 were joined into three army groups.

In the postwar period army groups in the US armed forces and in the NATO unified armed forces have included field armies, detached army corps, and other large units of the ground forces. The army group usually cooperates with a consolidated tactical air command or with a tactical air command.

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He was to fly to Twelfth Army Group headquarters immediately.
who was also an OSS agent attached to the Twelfth Army Group (HI, interview with Lloyd).
On Thursday, the Palestinian Maan news agency said it received a statement from al-Quds Army group saying it was holding a soldier seized near the airport, Israel's main international gateway.
The Adrian's Army group on social networking site Facebook has also received more than 200 messages in tribute.
Joining others in the 'Campaign' series, it surveys the mission of the Army Group South to seize the Crimea to prevent Soviet air attacks on the Polesti oilfields in Romania.
Throughout, the author provides a balanced evaluation of the leadership traits, personalities, and challenges encountered by theater and Army group commanders (those in charge of several armies), as well as company commanders and platoon leaders.
The Salvation Army group met on Fridays and regularly attracted more than 20 people including plenty of under fives.
Army Group Hawaii; and Defense Energy Support Center Japan.
Bando was captured during a gunbattle between the now-defunct United Red Army group and the Japanese police on Mt.
The Tokyo High Court on Thursday rejected an appeal by a former member of the defunct Japanese Red Army group against his prison term for using forged travel documents.
But when a Nez Perce group under a white flag approached an army group to begin discussing the possibility, civilians with the army opened fire on them.
The Smerch is found at the Russian Army Group (former Soviet Front level).

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