aromatic cedar

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eastern red cedar, aromatic cedar

A highly aromatic, moderately high-density, fine-textured wood of a distinctive red color with white streaks; widely used for fence posts, shingles, and mothproof closet linings.
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Aromatic cedar trees don't grow very large, so most of the boards are less than 3 1/2" wide.
Everyone likes the woodsy smell of a new aromatic cedar closet.
At the recent hardware show the company unveiled an upscale line of canvas closets featuring aromatic cedar shelving.
aromatic cedar to provide the world's best all natural protection against moths, mildew and mustiness.
Natural and aromatic cedar has been scientifically proven to provide many benefits ranging from repelling moths, carpet beetles, cockroaches and silverfish, to providing a natural alternative to chemical sprays or mothballs," said Jonathan Mayer, President and CEO, Cedar Fresh.
Standard colors and surfaces are white, gray and almond Melamine, and oak, birch, aromatic cedar (for closets--cool, huh?
The three storage pieces feature breathable cotton construction with aromatic cedar wood shelves.
Trails wind down steep bluffs through forests of centuries-old Sitka spruce, lazy hemlocks and aromatic cedars.