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city (1990 pop. 20,469), seat of Deschutes co., W central Oregon, on the Deschutes River, at the eastern foot of the Cascade Range; inc. 1904. Lumbering is the primary industry, and tourism is also important. Bend is the headquarters for Deschutes National Forest, which encompasses Newberry National Volcanic Monument.


(design engineering)
The characteristic of an object, such as a machine part, that is curved.
A section of pipe that is curved.
A knot formed by a rope fastened to an object or another rope.
A smooth change in the direction of the longitudinal axis of a waveguide.
A curve or turn occurring in a stream course, bed, or channel which has not yet become a meander.
The land area partly encircled by a bend or meander.
The departure of a defined navigation course or bearing from a straight line.

pipe bend

A pipe fitting, 1 used to achieve a change in direction.


Nautical a knot or eye in a line for joining it to another or to an object
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Around the Bend is Travis' triumphant return to country music after spending nearly a decade focused on his successful gospel and acting careers.
Around The Bend was received well by critics as Travis' "return to his country roots" after several Christian albums.
and as far around the bend as a lot of other prattle from southern scribes.
Christmas was never meant to send everyone around the bend
Bad Moon Arising and Up Around the Bend are two of my favourites.
But there's always a very contemporary, unexpected and/or winningly revealing scene around the bend from every overacted cliche.
This compilation offers the best of CCR and frontman John Fogerty's later solo output on one CD, with hallmark hits such as Bad Moon Rising, Proud Mary, Up Around The Bend and Rockin' All Over The World.
But Chris Lambert did not complete his race, aggravating a hamstring injury coming around the bend.
The Ken McPeek-trained five-year-old had his first taste of a British racecourse in a gallop at Newmarket on Saturday, when he worked around the bend under Ian Mongan.
One problem with the military that drives me around the bend is the deaths of our soldiers that we could have prevented, those that are caused by friendly fire.
More DT news: The recurrent chimera of Dogtown illusionism is coming around the bend once more.
The Ipswich boss has been driving his players around the bend with reminders of his Cup Final appearance for the club against Arsenal.