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It is the same arrogance that is being shown to the junior doctors in the new contracts that is to be imposed upon them.
I believed that the arrogance of the man peaked with the bus lane fiasco and the refusal to abide by the recommendations of the independent inquiry as regards repayment of fines.
As a matter of opinion, let me stipulate a few things about the public display of arrogance by some officials in government:
The two sides emphasized the necessity of unifying the Muslims of the world against Zionism and global arrogance while examining the current situation in the region.
Even if you can forgive his dissembling, arrogance and ineptitude, that is the real scandal.
This arrogance is showing itself in the embryonic Tory election campaign, where May has repeatedly talked about "votes for me", failing to grasp that only folk registered in her Maidenhead constituency can actually vote for her.
Its] action in demanding the release of Senator De Lima is a clear display of arrogance of power and a pure interference in our domestic affairs,' he said.
I think that arrogance suits them because they go about their business, they say what they want in the press and don't worry about things, they're head down and they're all about performance.
The sources of arrogance could be many like false ego, power, wealth, prejudice, vested interests, legalism and ritualism and religious fundamentalism.
The global arrogance, aided by some reactionary regimes, is openly and covertly supporting the terrorist groups, Khaji said.
Humility is not meekness but, rather, the antidote to arrogance.