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He said the rallies will remind arrogant powers that they are no longer capable of penetrating into Islamic countries.
The face shown for the Football League An arrogant picture of inflated authority.
Because they do have power over others, arrogant leaders make employees feel helpless: unable to meet unrealistic demands but likely to experience repercussions for speaking up.
Arrogant powers set up inter-national organizations and preside over them to achieve their aims which are based on plundering the assets of regional nations, he said.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has questioned the September 11 attacks and called the West arrogant, prompting a walkout.
com)-- Jason Baker and Geoff Rowley, partners at FRP Advisory LLP, the specialist restructuring, recovery and insolvency firm, were appointed on 21 February 2011 as Joint Administrators to the UK retail arm of Arrogant Cat, the boutique fashion store favoured by celebrities such as Katie Price and Pussy Cat doll Kimberley Wyatt.
An amusing sidenote concerns exactly how Murdoch quoted Hizzoner: According to Murdoch, Bloomberg said, "I never met in my life such an arrogant man.
A new study claims that people born in the 80s - the so-called Y Generation - are arrogant and lazy.
The president warned that the continuation of Zionist regime's existence would prevent other nations from making progress and would lead to the dominance of arrogant and colonial powers over the regional states and the whole world.
We can't be so arrogant we can't learn from other sports, and I think that's a lesson we should learn from rugby.
I think that's a rather arrogant position for people to take.
Sentencing McKenzie, Judge Iain McKintosh told him: "You are an arrogant young man.