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This self-selected number of clubs forming a Premier Division of their own composition arrogate to themselves powers over the distribution of the Union income which the majority of clubs in Wales will regard as excessive and should be denied them.
We are unwilling to acknowledge guilt in ourselves, but we dare to arrogate to ourselves the right to judge others.
Without meaningful judicial review of interpretative rules, agencies could arrogate to themselves the power to unreasonably interpret or apply the law.
To predetermine meaning - "to see what you want to see" - is to arrogate to oneself all truth and refuse to allow for the possibility of learning from another.
So rather than arrogate the freedom of artistic choice in the process of engaging the black experience, it would seem prudent if large white theaters would solicit the counsel of black playwrights with the backbone and will to illuminate the process through their intimacy with the particularities, as opposed to the generalities, of black experience.
Should the FCC respond in the affirmative, the FCC would arrogate to itself the authority to enforce its own standards and policies.
Through the centuries, the elite - from King George's ministers to today's corporate CEOs - have supported jury reforms that are designed to take power from ordinary people and arrogate it to themselves.
But if building new mosques, enlarging old ones, attacking Byzantium, and persecuting heretics define a caliph as pious beyond words and allow him to arrogate the definition of an acceptable orthodoxy, as Lapidus sees it, contrasting the Umayyads to the Abbasids in this instance is meaningless since both built new mosques, enlarged old ones, attacked Byzantium, and executed those they considered heretics.
If any body is to arrogate powers of intervention on its own behalf, it must be the UN.
It is perhaps no wonder that the Christian kings, beginning in the Middle Ages, sought to arrogate forest divinity to themselves by asserting exclusive use over designated parks and chases.
Poison pills clearly upset the proper balance of power between shareholders and management as they allow the board to arrogate to itself the power to determine what is a fair price that a potential buyer must pay to acquire a company.
HAROONABAD -- Chief of PML (Z) Ijaz-ul-Haq has said that those who arrogate of 73 Constitution should see that articles 62 and 63, laid down by General Zia-ul-Haq are working in screening of the candidates.