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The Ortho-Phosphate Arrojadite as a New Material for Cathodes in Li-Ion Batteries
5 cm, in varying hues of colorless, green, yellow and brown: translucent white apatite prisms to 5 mm in little groups; and the rare arrojadite as lustrous brown, platy crystals to 3 mm densely covering matrix.
No micromounts, these new ones, but rather lustrous gray-white to palest green, translucent tabular crystals from 5 mm to 2 cm, growing individually and as tight clusters on dark blue matrix of massive rare phosphates (gormanite, kulanite, arrojadite, etc.
More recently the list has been expanded to include jahnsite (Moore and Ito, 1978a), arrojadite (Moore and Ito, 1979), dufrenite and one unidentified zinc phosphate (Hirson, 1965) having lower refractive indices than the zincian rockbridgeite of Lindberg and Frondel, 1950), a kidwellite-like mineral (Moore and Ito, 1978b) and johnsomervilleite (Araki and Moore, 1981).