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document granting certain rights, powers, or functions. It may be issued by the sovereign body of a state to a local governing body, university, or other corporation or by the constituted authority of a society or order to a local unit. The term was widely applied to various royal grants of rights in the Middle Ages and in early modern times. The most famous political charter is the Magna CartaMagna Carta
or Magna Charta
[Lat., = great charter], the most famous document of British constitutional history, issued by King John at Runnymede under compulsion from the barons and the church in June, 1215.
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 of England. Chartered companies held broad powers of trade and government by royal charter. In colonial America, chartered colonies were in theory, and to an extent in fact, less subject to royal interference than were royal colonies.



(ustav), a body of rules regulating the structure, procedures, and activities of a state agency, enterprise, or institution or of a particular field of activity. Charters in the USSR include the Rules of Railroads of the USSR and the Statute on Secondary General-education Schools. Charters also regulate the armed forces of the USSR (see). Most charters are approved by the highest bodies of state authority in the USSR; the charters of some institutions and organizations are approved by the appropriate ministries and departments. Voluntary sports societies, the various artists’ unions, dacha-building and housing-construction cooperatives, and other organizations are also governed by charters.

Most international organizations have charters that outline their goals, organizational structure, and activities, for example, the Charter of the United Nations.


1. a formal document from the sovereign or state incorporating a city, bank, college, etc., and specifying its purposes and rights
2. a formal document granting or demanding from the sovereign power of a state certain rights or liberties
3. the fundamental principles of an organization; constitution
a. the hire or lease of transportation
b. the agreement or contract regulating this
c. (as modifier): a charter flight
5. a law, policy, or decision containing a loophole which allows a specified group to engage more easily in an activity considered undesirable
6. Maritime law another word for charterparty
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3(b) of the Articles of Incorporation as amended shall be selected in a manner determined by the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar, and shall be certified to the Foundation no later than May[begin strikethrough]March[end strikethrough] 1st of every year.
June 22, 2006: Effected date for the partial amendment of the articles of incorporation.
Shareholders will be asked to vote at the 2007 Annual Meeting on an amendment to the company's articles of incorporation that will require each nominee to the board to receive an affirmative vote of a majority of the votes cast to be elected.
If a quorum is present, the failure to vote will have the same legal effect as a vote against approval of the amendments to the Articles of Incorporation.
NOTE TO EDITORS: If you would like to receive a copy of Cardinal's Articles of Incorporation and the Schedule 13D filing, please call contact/
25 per share post-split) payable on January 22, 2007, to shareholders of record on January 10, 2007, conditioned upon shareholder approval of the foregoing amendments to the Third Restated and Amended Articles of Incorporation by the shareholders at the Special Meeting.
Such statements, including the Company's plans to submit certain proposed articles amendments for shareholder approval, are based on the Company's present intentions but are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated, including the possibility that the Company's board of directors could determine not to submit any amendment to the Company's articles of incorporation for shareholder vote or to hold quarterly webcasts due to future conditions, strategic circumstances or material, non-public information; and the possibility that the Company may be unable to obtain the requisite two-thirds approval from its shareholders with respect to any amendment to the Company's articles of incorporation.
If the shareholders approve the reverse stock split and the amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, we expect to be able to return to the NASDAQ Small Cap Market listing soon.
Shareholders also rejected a shareholder proposal requesting that Post's Articles of Incorporation be amended to provide for majority voting in the election of directors, with 60% of the votes cast on the proposal voting against it.
The sole item to be voted upon at the meeting had been a proposed Amendment to the company's Articles of Incorporation to effect a one- for-five reverse stock split of its common stock.
AMEX:SZI) announced today that it has filed a Definitive Proxy Statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding an Annual Meeting of Shareholders for the purpose of amending its Articles of Incorporation to change the company name to Express-1 Expedited Solutions, Inc.
NASDAQ: CPTH) announced that its stockholders approved, at a special meeting of stockholders held today, an amendment to the company's Articles of Incorporation that eliminates the two classes of the company's common stock and that converts all outstanding shares of the company's Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock into shares of new "common stock.