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The IDSA recognized the ENSEALA G2 Articulating Tissue Sealers for an innovative design that enables surgeons to access tissue in deep or tight spaces as well as maneuver around corners and behind structures in the body.
The students' scores from pre-test to post-test were significantly different, indicating that students did learn and internalize the ideas embedded within the Jesuit mission and became more skilled at articulating them in secular terms in healthcare scenarios.
If it is a key component, how are you articulating it to your participants and guests?
Counselors were unanimous in articulating the constraints placed on them by the lack of available time, and by the absence of adequate resources provided to them to fully support the delivery of the CGCP.
It does an impressive job of articulating the four Lau laws of hitting with emphasis on the leadarm extension (letting go with the back arm) that facilitates and strengthens the swing.
Valley VOTE proposed terms Tuesday for splitting the San Fernando Valley from Los Angeles, articulating a vision for a new city and promises for a more responsive and efficient government.
The proposed revenue procedure is the first pronouncement articulating the rules applicable to accounting method changes initiated by the IRS (i.
Rethinking Labor History confronts the dilemma faced by social historians like Berlanstein (who focus on labor history and class), torn between treating discourse analysis seriously and articulating the reasons for not doing so.
It involves the concrete process of articulating the vision, mission, and values of the organization within the context of a long-range strategic plan and giving impetus to that plan by empowering subordinates.
However, during these same years, Ann Petry, Ralph Ellison, and James Baldwin looked to Harlem as a means for articulating and verifying the African American experience, endowing it with "transcendent and enduring literary history.
First of its Kind Articulating Advanced Energy Device Enables Surgeons to Achieve Stronger Sealing and Better Access
para]]New faucet architecture featuring articulating arm design now available in the Artesso(TM) Kitchen Collection[[/para]]