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Portuguese concerning the articulation point and vocalic context, through the analysis of four spectral moments (centroid, variance, asymmetry and kurtosis).
Each Arabic letter has a Makhraj (an exit or articulation point from which it originates) and Sifaat (attributes or characteristics).
In addition, the lower articulation point (lower hitch) has been strengthened with an increase in front frame plate thickness and a significant increase in pin diameter in conjunction with a larger bearing.
the choice of 'or'--the articulation point of the hinge or the
The frame is split at the articulation point so the front and rear portions transport on separate trailers.
from the articulation point back) of the two types of machines are nearly identical: specialized loaders usually offer the same engines, transmissions, and differentials as small conventional wheel loaders.
to produce the articulation points in a correct fashion, the speaker reduces the space between the jaws during the articulation of speech sounds.
The toy maker employed Real Scan technology to transfer the singer's distinctive looks to her doll incarnation, featuring multiple articulation points.
features a gas release button at its head that allows free rotation at its base, as well as flexion and extension at two articulation points.
Once in Freeform, users can "carve up" the toy to indicate articulation points, such as the arm and leg joints - then add further engineering design and export the model as a polygon file -- all while keeping the perfectly sharp edges essential for mold tools.
Nicky is sleeping on a radiator and measures 5 9/16 inches long with five articulation points.
All four characters are created to stand boldly upright for display, have several articulation points for posing or playing and a soft, touchable toy quality that will appeal to all ages.

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