artificial elements

artificial elements:

see synthetic elementssynthetic elements,
in chemistry, radioactive elements that were not discovered occurring in nature but as artificially produced isotopes. They are technetium (at. no. 43), which was the first element to be synthesized, promethium (at. no. 61), astatine (at. no.
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Despite the propensity to engage in snacking, consumers associate snack products with harmful ingredients such as GMOs and artificial elements.
The "Turkish nation" invented by the yttihadists and Kemalists relying on artificial elements is no longer there because the Muslims and the Kurds have emerged as political actors.
Objective and activities: The project tests, develops and demonstrates approaches for the use of a mixed water infrastructure that combines natural river courses with artificial elements such as reservoirs.
Its unifying design language is inspired by natural structures and based on a symbiotic relationship between natural and artificial elements.
We have gone too far with artificial elements," he said.
Reaching the island would be the culmination of decades of synthesizing artificial elements, those heavier than uranium (SN: 4/15/78, p.
lLimit the use of artificial elements such as sisal, coloured foam and sparkly beads.
Washington, September 25 (ANI): Researchers in Berkeley Lab's Nuclear Science Division and UC Berkeley have made a step forward in the quest to achieve an 'Island of Stability' among notoriously short-lived artificial elements, by confirming the production of the superheavy element 114.
In my opinion, I would never ever suggest illuminating this Islamic monument, adding artificial elements to the ancient architectural structure.
Compiled by nutrition expert Jackie Newgent (a regular contributor to 'Weight Watchers Magazine', a chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, and former American Dietetic Association National media spokesperson), "The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook: The Whole food Approach To Great Tastes And Healthy Eating" features more than 150 dishes, the recipes for which avoid any artificial elements or ingredients.
If it had been the injury on anyone else's knee, then it would probably mean missing more games but the artificial elements probably masked a lot of the pain.
And at least two of the artificial elements could spark allergic reactions, an expert said.