artificial life

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Artificial Life

(algorithm, application)
(a-life) The study of synthetic systems which behave like natural living systems in some way. Artificial Life complements the traditional biological sciences concerned with the analysis of living organisms by attempting to create lifelike behaviours within computers and other artificial media. Artificial Life can contribute to theoretical biology by modelling forms of life other than those which exist in nature. It has applications in environmental and financial modelling and network communications.

There are some interesting implementations of artificial life using strangely shaped blocks. A video, probably by the company Artificial Creatures who build insect-like robots in Cambridge, MA (USA), has several mechanical implementations of artificial life forms.

See also evolutionary computing, Life.

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Santa Fe Institute.

The Avida Group.

artificial life

An evolving computer science that models the behavior of biological systems. The models are used to study evolution as well as to apply the algorithms to a variety of problems in such fields as engineering, robotics and drug research.
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