artificial marble

artificial sky

A dome (usually hemispherical) illuminated by concealed light sources; used to illustrate and study daylighting techniques on architectural models placed near the center of the hemisphere.
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The most difficult part of the restoration process was cleaning and refurbishing the artificial marble walls composed heavily of gypsum.
From the restoration work will be carried out restoration stucco elements, wooden elements, restoration of wooden sculptures, stone elements, paintings, artisan elements, artificial marble restoration, restoration of sculptures, stone, stained glass, floors (stone and wood) will be restored windows .
Samsung SDI's products include small-sized lithium-ion batteries, automotive batteries, energy storage systems, materials for semiconductors and displays, plastic for electronic devices and vehicles, as well as artificial marble.
Made from natural ores and more durable than stone, the artificial marble is made of natural minerals and other components.
Artificial marble consists of highly filled acrylic, methacrylic, or unsaturated polyester thermosets.
Let students in their labs concoct your patented artificial marble.
In "Una notte di pietra" De Laga, the main character, is obsessed with his work as the inventor of an artificial marble.
The developers consider the process to be suitable for medium- and large-scale manufacturing of medium- to large-size FRP moldings such as lighting domes, kitchen countertops, bathtubs and artificial marble.
Tenders Are Invited for Provision of Szombathely, Bishop's Palace, performing artificial marble and stucco restoration.
The technical condition of monuments - the outer shell of the church repaired, but has already manifested destructive changes, the interior is in a catastrophic state where frescoes sprauj and sometimes become unreadable and fall of stucco and threaten the visitors as well as the pieces fall as artificial marble.