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(aerospace engineering)
Motion of a craft in which the path is inclined upward with respect to the horizontal.

What does it mean when you dream about an ascent?

Dreaming of moving up—in an elevator or by other means—indicates accomplishment and reward for achievements.

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Since that time, ROI and Ascend Holdings have been working together to address comments from the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission on the registration statement and satisfy the various closing conditions under the merger agreement.
Liora Lev, General Partner of Ascend Technology Ventures.
Ascend Media is both pleased and excited to announce the completion of this acquisition," said Cameron Bishop, Ascend Media's president and CEO.
The core value of the Ascend One family of companies is embedded in the concept of helping improve the lives of people who need help," said Ascend One chairman and CEO Bernie Dancel.
Suzanne Richardson brings 14 years of experience to ASCEND in both financing and assessing strategy for private and public companies, primarily in the technology sector.
As the convergence of voice and data networks becomes a reality, voice over IP is becoming the cornerstone of the converged network," said Roger Boyce, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Networking Business Unit, Ascend Communications.
Ascend is the unanimous leader in multiservice WAN switching to service providers ranking number one in every report covering the market.
We are thrilled that WinStar has chosen Ascend's core switching technology to expand its state-of-the-art network," said David Misunas, vice president of product management and marketing, Core Switching Division, Ascend Communications.
Everyone benefits when carriers transparently route Internet traffic off of circuit switches and onto the MAX TNT to terminate Internet calls," said Ali Kafel, vice president, product marketing and business development, Carrier Signaling and Management division, Ascend Communications.
The Ascend SS7 Gateway works with the MAX TNT WAN access switch to alleviate data call congestion on voice networks, without additional investment in circuit switches.
The investment by Ascend Communications at this early stage of BlueStar Communications' network deployment and the recent equity investment of Crosspoint Venture Partners is an affirmation of our business model and is an exciting development for our young company.