ashcan school

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ashcan school:

see Eight, theEight, the,
group of American artists in New York City, formed in 1908 to exhibit paintings. They were men of widely different tendencies, held together mainly by their common opposition to academism.
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By the time he left for France, Calder had passed through phases as an engineering student, an illustrator, and an aspiring painter heavily in debt to the Ashcan School.
One of his teachers, Robert Henri, was a noted painter who founded a group known as The Ashcan School.
The work ranged from Subway Scene (1928), with its echoes of the Ashcan School, to the explosive figuration for which McNeil is best known and which he pursued until his death in 1995 (the artist was born in 1908).
Starting with the Ashcan School era, the themes of working life, the war in Europe, the Jazz Age and the Depression all feature, as well as the emerging aesthetic of modernism in works by artists such as Fred Becket, including his Fandango (1949; right).
Among American painters, Albright is probably best linked with the Ashcan School of painters who worked in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century.
Van Gogh, Ashcan School, Edvard Munch and James Ensor, Chaim Soutine, Charles Demuth, Latin folk art, WPA photography, Diego Rivera.
Ashcan School Seattle, Washington Ben Wa Oakland, California Bird York Los Angeles, California Bottomland Arlington, Virginia Brenda Wong Aoki San Francisco, California Brent Burns Gulf Shores, Alabama Brilliant Trees Dublin, Ireland Brother Australia Deborah Harry & Robert Jacks New York, New York Deborah Henson-Conant Cambridge, Massachusetts Deirdre Flint Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fisher Los Angeles, California Fr.
This collecting plan includes specific artists who are not yet represented, and also identifies key areas on which to focus for future acquisitions, including still life and group portraits from the 18th century, mid-19th century genre painting, works from the Ashcan school and Steiglitz circle, 19th-21 st-century photography and contemporary art.
I hoped that looking at the works of "The Eight"--Robert Henri's Ashcan School of Art, the core of which comprised Sloan, Bellows, Luks and Glackens, as well as the works of Edward Hopper, one of my personal favorites, with his city streets and seemingly staged lighting that lends a "set-like" emptiness to his urban scenes--would encourage them to see something special in the ordinary.
A scholarship student at the National Academy of Design, Cadmus became a printmaker, following in the steps of the Ashcan School, before a 1931 trip to Europe in the company of his bisexual lover, the painter Jared French, changed his life forever.
A similar hue and cry might have been sounded by members of the National Academy of Design and the Society of American Artists when viewing the 1908 exhibition at the Macbeth Gallery that earned Sloan and his seven compatriots the title of "The Eight" and, more derisively, "The Ashcan School.