asphalt filler

asphalt joint filler

An asphaltic product used for filling cracks and joints in pavement and other structures.
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Competitive Sealed Bid: Ifb4866a-0-2016 ep screening #10 asphalt filler and stone #8 granite, double washed
The City of Norfolk (the City ) is seeking a responsive and responsible bidder to provide Screening #10 Asphalt Filler and Stone #8 Granite, Double Washed in accordance with all terms, condition and specifications of this solicitation.
Come up with better advertised prices, particularly with items that are project starters such as asphalt filler or stain.
It is expected that the three primary byproducts of the gasification process will be sold to commercial interests: carbon dioxide (CO2) will be delivered under pressure to enhance oil recovery in the Gulf area; sulfuric acid to chemical companies; and non-leaching slag (composed of impurities from the feed stock) for use as roadway asphalt filler.
Competitive Sealed Bid: Screening #10 asphalt filler and stone #8
UNIVERSAL FILLER used in applications such as paint, putty, caulks, sealants, joint compound, stucco, mortar, finishing plaster and asphalt filler.