asphalt intermediate course

binder course, binding course

1. In asphaltic concrete paving, an intermediate course between the course base and the surfacing material; consists of intermediate-size aggregate bound by bituminous material.
2. A row of masonry units laid between, and used to bind, an inner and an outer wall.
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200 tons of hot mix asphalt intermediate course type b; 612 lf of 24" white solid lines (stop/diagonal lines)-fast dry paint.
83 CY of asphalt intermediate course, miscellaneous sidewalk and curb replacement.
Tenders are invited for Reconstruction Widening, Drainage, Curb & Gutter (1150 LF), Sidewalks (270 SY), Catch basin Type 9 (4), Type 16 (6) , 18" RC Pipe (744 LF), 24" RC Pipe (120 LF), Asphalt Base Course type B(500 Ton), Asphalt Intermediate Course Type C (500 Ton) and Asphalt Concrete Surface Course Type C (550 Ton).