Asphalt roofing

asphalt roofing

[′a‚sfȯlt ′rüf·iŋ]
A roofing material made by impregnating a dry roofing felt with a hot asphalt saturant, applying asphalt coatings to the weather and reverse sides, and embedding a mineral surfacing in the coating on the weather side.

Asphalt roofing

A roofing material manufactured by saturating a dry felt sheet with asphalt, and then coating the saturated felt with a harder asphalt coating, usually in roll form.

asphalt prepared roofing, asphaltic felt, cold-process roofing, prepared roofing, rolled roofing, rolled strip roofing, roofing felt, sanded bituminous felt, saturated felt, self-finished roofing felt

Installing asphalt prepared roofing
A roofing material manufactured by saturating a dry felt with asphalt and then coating the saturated felt with a harder asphalt mixed with a fine mineral, glass-fiber, asbestos, or organic stabilizer; available in the form of rolls. All or part of the weather side may be covered with mineral granules or with powdered talc or mica. The reverse side is covered with a material suitable to prevent sticking in the roll. The
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Tenders are invited for tear off and replace existing hot mopped asphalt roofing with same at three city buildings; corning city hall, corning library and the coming volunteer fire department; remove and reinstall roof mount hvac units along with new plenum as required to raise the units about the overflow.
In asphalt roofing, Ceranovus waxes can be used to stabilize or increase the softening point of commercial, residential or peel-and-stick roofing products while decreasing penetration in desired formulations.
The motivation has to start with wanting to be environmentally conscious," says Reed Flitchcock, executive vice president of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.
S, is the latest manufacturing facility of French Onduline Group, they currently produce and distribute a wide range of products including Onduline PPHR Corrugated and Asphalt Roofing Sheets, Onduvilla Bituminous Roofing Tiles, Isoline and Rufoline Under sheeting, Bituline modified Bituminous waterproofing Membranes, Bardoline asphalt shingles and Fondaline damp proofing membranes.
The product is said to be 100% waterproof and it can be used on metal, aluminium, PVC, masonry, asphalt roofing materials, bitumen, vinyl siding, fiberglass and more.
AAC Waterproofing has been trading from Gaerwen for more than 30 years and has forged a solid international reputation for providing mastic asphalt roofing and, more recently, prefabricated EPDM rubber.
As an exercise in sustainability, I decided to construct my scale model using only scraps available from the throw-away box of my favorite building supply center, plus what I had on hand: a few left over cedar shakes and a bundle of 20-year-old asphalt roofing shingles.
Tall Oaks' eight miles of collective pavement were recently topped and completed with a green road mixture that includes recycled asphalt roofing shingles ground up from old roofs.
The company's primary products include vinyl and cedar siding, custom steel and aluminum cladding, Fibre Cement siding (Hardiplank) and Asphalt roofing.
The BB+ corporate credit rating with a "stable" outlook reflects Building Materials Corp's leadership in US asphalt roofing shingles, attractive operating margins, good geographic sales diversity within the US, and relatively stable demand that supports a fair business risk profile, S&P noted.
The large amount of discarded asphalt roofing shingles were difficult to recycle on the renovation project, according to the report.
In North America, many entrepreneurs are still in the early stages of setting up plants that can convert tear-off asphalt roofing shingles into a usable aggregate or hot-mix product.

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