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The contract is for: supply mix asphalt surface course of AC 11 S for KR 3-4 in the amount of 877 tons.
4" of Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface Course, Mix "D", N50 and overlay with HMA Leveling Binder (Machine Method).
The work under this contract consists of clearing and grubbing, excavation and grading necessary to create the pond, installation of the new stormwater collection/conveyance system, demolition and reconstruction of Government Street, installation of a 16" forcemain, installation of a final asphalt surface course with associated curb and gutter, repair/replacement of driveways, and installation of park amenities.
The works compromise mainly of the reinstatement of distressed areas of carriageway in both Asphalt Surface Course to BS13108-4 and Bituminous Surface Course to BS13108-1.