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any Asian plant of the liliaceous genus Aspidistra, esp A. lurida, a popular house plant with long tough evergreen leaves and purplish flowers borne on the ground



a genus of perennial stemless grasses of the family Liliaceae. Aspidistras have basal evergreen leathery leaves and small flowers that sit upon short scapes near the ground. There are between six and eight species distributed in the mountains of South and East Asia and Japan. In the USSR, Aspidistra lurida (A. elatior) is often cultivated in greenhouses and indoors under the name “friendly family.” It is highly tolerant of shade. In subtropical regions it can also be cultivated outdoors.


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As Orwell's title put it, "Keep the Aspidistra Flying.
ask Diarmuid I have in my possession an aspidistra house plant, which I have inherited.
2) Two bouquets from The French Bouquet in Worcester: Above, pink parrot tulips, vendella roses, white and lime hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, steel grass, calla lilies and aspidistra foliage.
It is time, in this period of austerity, that publicity events such as these are scaled back as I, for one, could not give a rat's aspidistra whether a torch is zip-lined across the Tyne when there are people on minimum - even poverty level - incomes that are in the situation of 'heat or eat'.
That's right, we're talking about The Adventure Game - the charmingly low-res, space age-set kids' quiz in which contestants had to solve puzzles on Arg, a planet ruled by an aspidistra in a plant pot that roared and shook when it got angry like a herbaceous Dalek, and populated by shape-shifting dragons called Argonds.
STEP TWO Loop steel grass around folded aspidistra leaves and tape in place.
MY mother has given me an aspidistra that has brown wart-like growths on the underside of the leaves.
The easiest cat-friendly plant to grow is Aspidistra, known as cast iron plant because of its durability.
It's not Gracie Fields's 'biggest aspidistra in the world', but Charles Hambleton, 63, a security officer, of Huyton Quarry, claimed his plant was one of the biggest in the country, back in June, 1966.
And David Lines, an avid fan of Paul Weller, swears that he'd never have read Shelley, bought an aspidistra or learned to talk to women if he hadn't listened to The Jam.
As both of us were teetotallers, we had no choice but to pour it into the pot with her aspidistra while she was making tea in the kitchen.
Three red anthurium, a hypericum and a selection of festive greenery including holly, ruscus and aspidistra all surround a large ivory church candle.