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Machinery a group of mating components before or after fitting together


(computer science)
The automatic translation into machine language of a computer program written in symbolic language.
(mechanical engineering)
A unit containing the component parts of a mechanism, machine, or similar device.


An early system on the IBM 702.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):1959-05-16].
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Residents of District South will vote for two NA and five provincial assembly seats, while District Central has four NA and eight provincial assembly seats.
01 shares in the National Assembly and 370,429 with 297 share of seats in the provincial assembly.
He said that the Commission has restored the membership of those senators, members National Assembly and members of four provincial assemblies, who have submitted their yearly statements of assets and liabilities and their spouses and dependents.
Pervaiz Khattak, PTI attended 29% of the sittings of the KP Assembly in 3rd year.
Another former council member, Democrat Mike Feuer, was also leading in partial returns in his race in the 42nd Assembly District.
In 2002 the Education Department of the Assembly Government gave a three-year grant to enable Dolen Cymru to appoint a full-time Director and maintain an office in Cardiff.
As a benchmarking tool to study competitors' products and quantify manufacturing and assembly difficulties.
Once Atchison Steel Casting and Machining received the specifications for the assembly from WMATA, its engineers began formulating the facility's plan of action for producing the assembly.
The design was very complex, consisted of numerous parts, required substantial manual assembly by skilled optics technicians, and was not readily conducive to automated assembly processes.
Because of the relatively simple nature of the tasks that are typically performed on assembly lines, managers often assume that assembly line jobs require no training at all to perform.
Such programs and activities have included an assembly orientation manual, an annual science and career fair, and the NTA's information-packed Web site.
What's more, the way solids ties together the many elements of a mold assembly - and sometimes the part model, too - can help users manage the all-too-common design revisions.

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