assembly area

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assembly space

A gathering place (such as an auditorium, exclusive of a stage) that is occupied by numbers of persons during major periods of occupancy; some building codes consider every tier of seating in an auditorium to be a separate assembly space.
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Part of this development involves creating additional assembly area by levelling what were previously among the longest slipways in Europe.
The council's planning committee voted unanimously to grant planning permission for the car assembly area, which will cover about 2.
Officials, interviewed by Sudan Tribune, said the fighting with Tanginya erupted at Kaldak assembly area on Saturday over the killing of a senior officer of the militia leader after attempts to persuade him accept integration of his forces without giving conditions.
The HDT-4 Pinhole Inspector is designed for the non-destructive leak detection of prefilled syringes manufactured in both glass and plastic formats for possible liquid leakage caused by cracks in the syringe barrel and needle assembly area.
The addition will house an electronic assembly area that"s specially designed as a controlled "clean" environment with lighting, anti-static technology and air conditioning, to help ensure the perfect assembly of Utopia self-checkout solutions and other technology products.
The city will provide bus transportation for $5 for designated shifts to the Fiesta Floats assembly area in Duarte.
Our contractor moved supplies by truck to the assembly area where they were airlifted by U.
According to BPC president Warrie Price, work on the bikeways will start in about 10 months, and the designs are currently being discussed for a three-acre public assembly area that will accommodate 10,000 to 15,000 people.
The investment at the 40-year-old plant will be used to overhaul its body shop and modify the paint shop and final assembly area.
The courtyard is also brought extensively into play as an assembly area, playground, cafeteria and multi-purpose space.
They have a good group of workers, a nice assembly area, and they do some thorough testing of their machines," says Mark.
The rocket left its assembly area at Tanegashima Space Center at around 11:10 a.

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