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The extension of the assembly space will be implemented by adding a new bay to the existing assembly hall.
The company sells to both large and small OEM's, and operates out of a 63,800 square foot air-conditioned production and assembly space.
We're still going to try to put together a staging facility in the industrial park, because we're chronically short of storage space and assembly space," Lowry said.
The hybrid/business unit accommodation is provided over two floors with ground floor predominantly designed for assembly space which can easily be converted into other uses such as laboratory/research or office space.
The factory is laid out like this not only because a motorcycle is smaller than a car, and therefore requires less assembly space, but also because a motorcycle is highly engineered and packs a multitude of components into a compact package.
The heavy structure hovers, as though weightless, over the large external assembly space.
Consequently, increased amounts of heat will be transferred into the attic and roof assembly space and eventually into the conditioned space of the house, causing higher indoor temperatures and increased air conditioning costs.
Furthermore, the Volvo Bus operations in Mexico have available assembly space and paint-shop capacity, which means that the start-up investment is limited.
The company also has added 8,000 square feet of assembly space and is diversifying into products outside the graphic arts.
Though still independent, Dri-Tec will utilize SMT's 50,000 square feet of machine shop and assembly space for the manufacturing of its line of coaters, laminators and flexo presses.
Hermle is spending more on 'Made in Germany' and has invested in new Heller and Starrag-Heckert machining centers and a large Waldrich Coburg MultiTech machining system as well as expanding production and assembly space in Gosheim.
This helps simplify circuit design while reducing the number of components and saving the component assembly space.