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Attendees will be able to gain access to in-depth technical sessions, participate in networking opportunities, meet potential collaborators and discuss detailed Asterisk case studies.
Ecosmob offers specific Asterisk Services listed below:
The asterisk also is a wild card when you conduct a search or a replacement, and it works in all applications, including Excel.
Jackson said he first made the asterisk comment in January 1999, when the Chicago Bulls inquired whether he might be interested in returning, an offer he declined.
AstriCon 2011 will include expert presentations and breakout sessions on topics such as IPv6, Asterisk SCF, VoIP security, cloud computing and more.
Topics include security and Asterisk-based distributions, Asterisk tutorials, Asterisk case studies, as well as sessions on WebRTC, speech technology, and how to build scalable and resilient solutions.
the Asterisk[R] Company, invites software developers and others who have made contributions to Asterisk and Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF) open source platforms to participate in AstriCon Developer Days.
Asterisk community members will share their knowledge and deliver real-world examples and insights about the Asterisk project.
After Roger Maris hit 61 home runs to go one better than Babe Ruth, an asterisk was attached to that entry in the record book, a reminder that Maris' 1961 season was eight games longer than Ruth's 1927 season.
the Asterisk[R] Company, is making plans for the eighth annual AstriCon, the Asterisk User Conference and Expo and the event of choice for hundreds of technical pros working with the world's leading open source communications platform.
With nearly two million downloads per year, millions of deployments and a community of more than 80,000 members, the acceptance and growth of Asterisk has spawned an ecosystem spanning more than 170 countries.
Over the last 10 years, Asterisk has been adopted by developers worldwide to create reliable, feature-rich, custom communications solutions for millions of small and medium businesses, enterprises and service providers, at a fraction of the cost of proprietary offerings," said Steve Sokol, director of Asterisk marketing at Digium.