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a man with a constitution characterized by tall-ness, leanness, a long neck, a longitudinally extended skull, and a narrow and sharply outlined face. The German scientist E. Kretschmer linked the asthenic type with specific temperamental and character traits—an abnormal sensitivity coupled with coldness, nervousness and awkwardness, un-sociableness, and a tendency to “withdraw into oneself.” Today this notion of links between the asthenic constitution and the aforementioned character traits is under critical review, as is Kretschmer’s whole theory.


Kretschmer, E. Stroenie tela i kharakter. Moscow-Petrograd, 1924. (Translated from German.)


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The analysis of secondary factors showed that the symptoms of asthenic syndrome were the most expressed ones, while the symptoms of conversion and aggressive-antisocial syndromes ranged at the same level.
rosea extract for patients with asthenia syndrome, various neuroses, vascular dystonia, hypotension, and asthenic schizophrenia (Mashkovskij 1977; Rhizome and roots of Rhodiola rosea, 1990; Extractum Rhodiolae fluidum 1996).
They are accompanied by emotionality in social contacts, comprised of both sthenic and asthenic emotions.
A postural or asthenic round-back--also called a "hunchback"--is a frequent parental complaint, Dr.
Two films are given prominent position in Taubman's presentation: Asthenic Syndrome from 1990 and Three Stories from 1997.
As is well known, Schelling draws on Brown to theorize disease, but with the difference: that for Brown sthenic and asthenic diseases (caused by a surplus or deficiency of excitability) are deviations from a norm, while for Schelling, disease is constitutive of the individual organism.
Indeed to sweep these issues under a heavy carpet is to pacify the faint of heart or, as is more likely, to give in to vested interests with agendas that outrightly refuse to consider the enormity of the problem of restoring the meaning of conservatism--or that are intellectually asthenic to own up to the far-reaching consequences of a policy of adhering to silence, backsliding, or indifference.
Prolonged hunger carves the body into what researchers call the asthenic build.
3 mg/m2/dose in phase II studies, the most commonly reported adverse events were asthenic conditions (65%), nausea (64%), diarrhea (51%), decreased appetite including anorexia (43%), constipation (43%), thrombocytopenia (43%), peripheral neuropathy (37%), pyrexia (36%), vomiting (36%), and anemia (32%).
Writers and readers taking up their vocations in the early 21st century would be well-advised to care for Dorn's writing, not, hardly, as an object of imitation (Dorn's aggression against conformity make such a bandwagon difficult to imagine), but as an irritant and a discomforter, an unflinching, analytic, reactive, erratic, searing, and eccentric place from which to pry and catch some purchase on the asthenic epoch we're responsible for.
He added that a further study has shown that ginkgo bibba may help attention characteristics, short term visual memory, operational components and integral operator performance index in patients with asthenic disorders.