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For more information about NASA's astrobiology activities, visit:
The Astrobiology Walk is designed for durability -- stainless steel columns support the weatherproof high-pressure laminate panels and automobile paint coats the touchable models.
He recently presented a lecture at the National Science Museum on the history of astrobiology to 400 children wearing alien costumes.
and the NASA Astrobiology Institute, which is a partnership between NASA, 15 U.
Suitable for both science and non-science majors, this textbook introduces undergraduates to the emerging interdisciplinary field of astrobiology.
Two of Wales' leading astronomers have been recognised by the prestigious Nasa Astrobiology Institute.
Such episodic flows would permit dormant organisms "to revive and repair themselves every few million years," Jakosky and his colleagues argue in the summer 2003 Astrobiology.
The production of chemically reactive oxidants on the surface of Mars and icy moons such as Europa may provide clues to their habitability and offers new avenues for future space exploration and the analysis of surface soil and ice shells, according to three Special Papers published in the most recent (Volume 6, Number 3) issue of Astrobiology, a peer-reviewed journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
The findings have been published today in the journal Astrobiology.
This study was partially funded by the NASA Astrobiology Program in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Desert Research Institute, a nonprofit research campus of the Nevada System of Higher Education.
Rather than focusing exclusively on the search for extraterrestrial life, the interdisciplinary field of astrobiology more broadly addresses what conditions support life.
The University of Glamorgan, in Treforest, Pontypridd, has launched a course on astrobiology, the hunt for alien life, which it says is a UK first.