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If we take only the 3 cm one-dimensional line segment and move it at right angles up the page for just 3 cm, then we get a square.
The desired differential signal polarity for a particular single layer routing solution is more easily achieved when signal pin pairs are oriented at right angles to the connector body (FIGURE 1).
EAST STIRLING central defender Colin Bowsher was last night recovering in hospital after a freak accident that left his ankle at right angles to his leg.
The diverging lines are what we now call longitude, and the ones at right angles are latitude.
Notes: Legal Description: A part of the West half of lot #61 in the Town of Charlestown, described as follows: Beginning at the Northwest corner of Lot #61, thence South fronting Main Cross Street a distance of 79 feet; thence East at right angles 40 feet; thence South at right angles a distance of 20 feet; thence West at right angles a distance of 40 feet to Main Cross Street, thence with Main Cross Street North a distance of 20 feet to the PLACE OF BEGINNING.
For this processor, that would have meant redoing its plant layout and repositioning extruders at right angles to the production line.
By contrast, the scientists note, rupturing of the relatively unconstrained top surface produces not polygons but fissures that usually meet at right angles.
Offices and laboratories are separated into two distinct formal elements, a narrow six-storey block and a low slung double-height hall that intersect at right angles.
When the crystal was at right angles to its original direction, only the other ray of light appeared, the first having disappeared.
His chunk of facade on rue de Bercy is pierced by a pedestrian way running through the block almost at right angles to the big street.
Starting at one strand and going at right angles to it in any of six well-defined directions, as if along a spoke of a wheel, brings one to another strand.
The researchers are now considering the possibility of using two standing waves of laser light at right angles to each other to focus chromium atoms into spots rather than lines.