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gemstone that displays a thin band of reflected light on its surface when cut as a cabochon. Its name is derived from its supposed resemblance to the eye of a cat. The optical effect, known as chatoyancy, is caused by the reflection of light from very thin, closely spaced filaments in parallel arrangement within the stone. True cat's-eye, a variety of chrysoberylchrysoberyl
[Gr.,=golden beryl], a beryllium aluminate used as a gem. It has a vitreous luster and is transparent to translucent. The more valuable cat's-eye is a variety of chrysoberyl. Another variety, alexandrite, was first discovered in the Ural Mts.
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 from Sri Lanka and Brazil, is the most valuable, but some quartz, tourmaline, and a few other minerals that display chatoyancy are also used as gems. A golden-yellow species called tiger's-eye is a form of quartz that contains crocidolite asbestos.
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As the only permanent white resident at Pelly Bay until 1960 (when a federal school opened there), Ataata Vinivi stayed close to his parishioners, and he became their strongest advocate when he felt new developments from the South would adversely affect them.
Ataata Vinivi promoted the production of Inuit art in the Kugaaruk--Repulse Bay area, and especially that of miniature stone pieces and exquisitely carved ivory scenes set on walrus tusk boards.
Carved by Belgian artist Frans Heirbaut, it depicts Ataata Vinivi, an Inuk woman, and the famous Pelly Bay stone church.
Ataata Vinivi always helped people, most of all those who were very poor.
Ovide Alakannuark, MLA for the Akulliq riding in Nunavut, spoke to the Legislative Assembly about Ataata Vinivi's kindness and generosity.