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A Win95/WinNT utility for keeping files on two computers without permanent connection in sync.

The scenario briefcase was designed for is the combination of an office computer and a portable one. You connect the two before leaving your office, create a briefcase on the portable (if you don't already have one on it), then copy the files you want to work on while away into the briefcase. You can at this point disconnect the two computers, take the portable with you and work on the files in the briefcase at home or on the road. When you get back to your office the briefcase utility can automatically update the files you changed on the office computer.


In Windows 95/98, a system folder used for synchronizing files between two computers, typically a desktop and laptop computer. Files to be worked on are placed into a Briefcase, which is then transferred to the second machine via floppy, cable or network. The Briefcase is then brought back to the original machine after its contents have been edited on the second machine, and a special update function replaces the original files with the new ones.
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Holding his camera as though it were an attache case, two feet above the pavement, Gehr passes through the multitude--one more walker in the city.
We also liked the large side and rear windbreaks, and the way it folded down to the size of a large attache case.
The MAHE flexible nose pharyngoscope comes packaged in a sturdy attache case and comes with a 1-year guarantee.
One of their pranks was the theft of toy versions of the attache case that boffin Q gives Bond in From Russia With Love.
2-pound, aircraft-tray-table-friendly computer that the chiefs of all those police departments--as well as top managers among our non-law-enforcement clients--can slip into an attache case and carry to budget meetings, legislative hearings, and conventions.
Instead, carry it in your attache case or in the glove compartment of your pickup truck.
com) which has a similar two wheel configuration but, unlike the Cye, has big proper rubber wheels and is kept upright by gyroscope magic and will take you and your attache case down the long office corridor and off home along the pavement at a respectable 14 mph.
A Japanese man was detained at Manila's international airport Monday after trying to board a Tokyo-bound flight with an attache case allegedly containing $500 billion worth of suspected fake U.
The SR204MD Attache Case Recording System from Carol Products Company, Inc.
Kjell-Eddy Svensson arrived at Kansai International Airport near Osaka on a flight from Singapore on July 6 with the drugs concealed in an attache case with a false bottom, according to the prosecutors.
Lim said the bundles of 1,000 peso bills were in a black bag ''like an attache case.
The tip also included information that the woman would drive to a named motel and would have cocaine in a brown attache case.