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The recent introduction of ICT-related attainment targets and the growing availability of ICT hardware and software in schools can be considered as indications of an increasing policy awareness of the need to address the digital activities and practices of young people to a certain extent.
One noteworthy feature of the educational attainment target is that--even if it is a mid- to long-term target--it does, in fact, leave national governments with only a few years to act in a substantive way.
63) The 'identification of needs' (Attainment Target 1 in the previous NC) together with 'Generating a design' (previous Attainment Target 2)--in our view, the source of much of the problem experienced in teaching this subject--are toned down to 'investigating, clarifying and specifying the design task'.
If, based on judgements of levels for attainment targets in reading, writing and mathematics, teachers reach an overall judgement of level 2, they should then consider whether the performance is just into level 2 (2C), securely at level 2 (2B) or at the top of level 2 (2A).
Students' performance and progress toward attainment targets, to be set for each subject, would be assessed through nationally prescribed tests, which all students would be required to take at ages 7, 11, 14, and 16.
We are concerned that the standard issued today burdens states by moving attainment targets before implementation of the 1997 NAAQS for particulate matter.
This could include traditional educational attainment targets as well as a whole other range of social measures.
The ICT attainment targets do not focus on technical skills, but emphasise the integrated use of ICT within the teaching and learning process.
The breadth to be assessed would--within the three main attainment targets of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing--include fiction and non fiction; modern and classic literature; Shakespeare; poetry, prose and drama texts; media and moving image; drama and ICT.
A variety of analyses ensued; each applying different combinations of educational attainment targets, age-groups, and assumptions.
Where other institutions had loud voices, Croxteth was the poor relation, making good use of every single penny of funding allocated to it and, contrary to the impression given by the City Council, achieving all the attainment targets set.
It warns: "The position on behaviour and attendance is not helped by the significant numbers of pupils at primary and secondary school whose literacy and numeracy levels are well below the average attainment targets for their chronological age.