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attorney general

1. a country's chief law officer and senior legal adviser to its government
2. (in the US) the chief law officer and legal adviser of a state government
3. (in some states of the US) a public prosecutor

Attorney General


in Britain, the USA, and several other countries, one of the highest officers of justice. In Britain the attorney general is a member of the cabinet, is the principal legal adviser to the government who conducts court cases and other legal proceedings affecting the interests of the state, and supports the prosecution in court in cases which have a particular political importance. In the USA the attorney general is the head (minister) of the Department of Justice and the principal legal adviser to the federal government. Some states also have the office of attorney general.

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In their objections, the attorneys general say that the fees for the plaintiffs' attorneys should not be decided until after consumers cash in their coupons and the actual value of the settlement is determined.
Whether it's Al "And justice for All" Pacino chewing scenery like Marlon Brando at an all-you-can-eat buffet, Tom "A Few Good Men" Cruise unconvincingly demanding "the truth," or Julia "Erin Brockovich" Roberts foul-mouthedly unearthing alleged corporate misdeeds, such films glamorize the very profession that supports attorneys general with nothing better to do than intimidate and harass an industry that has broken no laws.
His practice focuses on representing clients before Attorneys General nationally and before state legislatures.
State attorneys general have insisted on maintaining an individual's right to sue.
Western Union is currently working with State Attorneys General to identify the most effective partners to engage in educational efforts.
Homeland security poses a new challenge for attorneys general across the country," Cox said.
The Homeland Security Committee was established in the wake of the attacks of September 11, 2001, to advise attorneys general in their law enforcement and statewide policy efforts as they pertain to homeland security.
AOL declined through a spokeswoman to elaborate on the meeting, other than to call it ``a good constructive meeting'' and said the company was ``cooperating'' and working with the attorneys general.
What was once a position of relative obscurity and behind-the-scenes toil, state attorneys general have begun emerging into more public positions.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorneys General from several of the 19 states which were party to the antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft issued the following initial reactions to the release of the finding of fact in the case:
Attorneys General from six states will hold a media briefing Monday (November 16th) to outline a new tobacco industry proposal to the states.
Each year the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) recognizes a member of Society of Attorneys General Emeriti (SAGE) who has provided assistance to NAAG and worked diligently to further its vision and mission, as well as offered continued support of NAAG and its members through mentoring and other expertise.