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That part of a theater, school, or public building which is set aside for the audience for listening and viewing.
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A presentation by the Student Government Association (SGA) helped the students gain a better understanding of the challenging and exciting AUD experience, to better mingle with their peers, and Departmental meetings, where students were given the opportunity to hear from the Deans and Chairs of their respective departments, also took place.
More than 1,500 students have graduated from AUD because of scholarships carrying the name of Shaikh Mohammad.
Attending the meeting were Jamal bin Huwaireb Managing Director of MBRF, Sultan Lootah Vice-President of MBRF, Elias Bou Sb Executive Vice-President of AUD, Ali Jaber Dean of MBRSC and Peggy Awad, Director of External Relations at AUD.
Dr Chenaf said, "I think that it is only natural that architecture students at AUD feel part of a larger and world-leading professional community such as the AIA, first by creating an AIA Students chapter and now by signing a MoU with AIA ME.
Sue Hunter, AUD's Career Services Manager, said: "The AUD Annual Career Fair is the ideal opportunity for students and graduates to meet top class employers with the best possible career opportunities.
The AUD seeks to duplicate this American recipe for success.
Participating at the AUD Career Fair allows us to connect strong academic qualifications with the right opportunities at Unilever.
These gatherings, held on a weekly basis for the past two years at AUD, host distinguished media specialists, renowned producers, journalists and broadcasters; an initiative considered among one of the most important activities organised by the School for Communication, as they aim at benefiting students with the knowledge and expertise of media professionals.
White Envelops 9"x4 (without window) Printed with AUD name & logo (as per sample)
A group of 31 students at AUD are working hand in hand with their advisors and professors to put together the full-fledged conference which will emphasize on the environment, education, entrepreneurship and many other hot topics that will be conferred with international speakers and panelists of the highest caliber.
Bushra Finaish, Assistant Dean of Student Services and Student Support Manager, at AUD, explains that "The Orientation Programme at AUD is designed so that incoming freshmen can familiarise themselves with resources and services available as well as with the rights and responsibilities of being a college student.
Through thick and thin, he was simply a "rock" the AUD family could always count on.