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Another quarter of an hour and the Prince will arrive and the procession will halt for the last time; after the tulip is placed on its throne, the Prince, yielding precedence to this rival for the popular adoration, will take a magnificently emblazoned parchment, on which is written the name of the grower; and his Highness, in a loud and audible tone, will proclaim him to be the discoverer of a wonder; that Holland, by the instrumentality of him, Boxtel, has forced Nature to produce a black flower, which shall henceforth be called Tulipa nigra Boxtellea.
I have,' replied Arabella, in a scarcely audible tone, laying aside her work, and becoming greatly agitated as a thought, that had occurred to her before, struck more forcibly upon her mind.
Then came the challenge of a sentry posted at the kraal gate, which apparently was answered, though not in an audible tone, for the steps still advanced; and in another second Infadoos had entered the hut, followed by some half-dozen stately-looking chiefs.
It was on the night of the 4th, a little after tea, that Annabella had been singing and playing, with Arthur as usual at her side: she had ended her song, but still she sat at the instrument; and he stood leaning on the back of her chair, conversing in scarcely audible tones, with his face in very close proximity with hers.
When a crash is predicted, the driver is alerted with an audible tone and a visible alert on the car's head-up display.
This all-in-one e-collar system features audible tone, low to high power stimulation, a two-second update rate, and the ability to access maps when your phone is offline.
The Alert Must Be An Audible Tone Which Chirps At One Second Intervals When The Unit Is Counting Down Prior To Initiating.
While entering data, an audible tone lets the analyst know when 100 fibers are counted within 20 fields.
Said to be exceptionally easy to use, the testers can detect the presence of any voltage between 100V and 600V AC by generating both an audible tone and red visual indication.
Successful reads are confirmed with green LEDs and audible tone.
In fact, it is currently used in many markets so, in addition to the text warning and audible tone signifying the existence of an emergency, the TTS audibly informs viewers of the details of the emergency.
The RAD-40 is a panel-mounted digital display that offers a selectable Decision Height and includes five additional trip points, all with discrete outputs - from 100 to 1000 feet - which can be used to control an audible tone or to interface with third party equipment.