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The science of hearing.



the study of hearing. Audiology studies the condition of a person’s hearing and the causes of deafness and hearing disorder and develops methods for their diagnosis and prophylaxis. The study of the influence of industrial factors (noise, vibration, toxic materials) on the auditory functions and the prophylaxis of these disorders occupies an important place. The practical goal of audiology is to combat deafness. With the development of functional ear surgery, the object of which is the restoration and improvement of hearing, audiology has come to include the study of the advisability of ear operations and the appraisal of their results. The elaboration of methods for combating hearing disorders in children is a special area in audiology— pedaudiology.


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The increasing annual frequency of 300% for new cisplatin-receiving patients who were audiologically monitored during treatment between 2006 and 2010 can be attributed to improved awareness of the ototoxic effects of cisplatin on the part of SA oncologists.
And, increasingly, the professional must understand the self-definition and identity of the person with a hearing loss: Deaf (with capital "D" for culturally deaf),(1) deaf (small "d" for audiologically deaf),(2) hard of hearing, or, less frequently, "hearing impaired.
In the Deaf community, it is standard practice to differentiate between cutlturally identified (D)eaf and audiologically (d)eaf persons and institutions.
Because this product is audiologically better, cosmetically superior and has a very attractive cost structure, we believe it will penetrate the large and currently underpenetrated portion of the existing hearing health care market.