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The science of hearing.



the study of hearing. Audiology studies the condition of a person’s hearing and the causes of deafness and hearing disorder and develops methods for their diagnosis and prophylaxis. The study of the influence of industrial factors (noise, vibration, toxic materials) on the auditory functions and the prophylaxis of these disorders occupies an important place. The practical goal of audiology is to combat deafness. With the development of functional ear surgery, the object of which is the restoration and improvement of hearing, audiology has come to include the study of the advisability of ear operations and the appraisal of their results. The elaboration of methods for combating hearing disorders in children is a special area in audiology— pedaudiology.


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Excerpted from "Evidence-Based and Value-Based, Benefits in Concert: 7 Qualities Every High Performing Clinic Needs," provided by Audiology Management Group, Inc.
The study tracked audiology use and hearing aid dispensing for a study cohort of 2,251 participants for 1 year after screening.
A spokesman for the Wirral Patient and Public Involvement Forum said that Wirral had seen waiting lists for audiology climb causing long delays for patients due to the large number of people who needed to be changed over from their old analogue hearing aids to the new digital aids.
Last year, there was a point when 3,000 patients in this area were waiting for hearing aids and audiology tests and we got that to tumble by 2,000 through working weekends and other extra projects.
The BAA estimates that the non-inclusion of audiology in the 18-week target puts at least 80% of adults on waiting lists at a disadvantage.
CSUN's audiology program, for example, faces a 2007 deadline to offer a clinical doctorate or lose its accreditation from the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
A HEALTH worker has achieved a unique double at the Brit awards for Audiology.
The pounds 700,000 centre was opened at the Alexandra Hospital on Tuesday, marking a new era for specialist ear, nose, throat and audiology services in the town.
An added benefit is the increased subtlety of sound and clarity the new technology provides, according to David Fabry, vice president of education and public relations at the hearing-aid company Phonak and the former president of the American Academy of Audiology.
Audiology departments in trusts across Wales have been modernised, extra clinicians employed and training undertaken, she said.
Arrowe Park hospital's audiology department is to get a share of pounds 20m government funding.
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Scholarship Foundation of Sonus, a division of Amplifon, has selected eight outstanding full-time third and fourth year Doctor of Audiology students to receive scholarships of $2,500.