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When the lad dies in an autoasphyxiation accident, he goes from classmates' m attempts at k alive starts to web of lies.
These teenagers, in a group or individually, seem to me to be quite different from the rare example of the far more disturbed adolescent who incorporates autoasphyxiation into a more isolated, in secure, private world.
The five installations housed within its walls, all selected for "Pandaemonium" from a nationwide competition, included the following: Keith Tyson's chilling Angel Maker Part II - The Quadruped, 1996, which presented a cluster of environments that used a multiplicity of media to stage an escalating series of catastrophes, ranging from autoasphyxiation to the sinking of the Titanic; Gillian Wearing's quasi-documentary video triptych charting the bizarre activities and eventual interaction of three English eccentrics; and Mark Wallinger's high-speed, mechanical-hare's rear view of a greyhound dog race that careered across six monitors.
When the lad dies in an autoasphyxiation accident, goes from zero to hero in his classmates' minds while pop's attempts at keeping his memory starts to entangle him in a of lies.