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a. a book, document, etc., handwritten by its author; original manuscript; holograph
b. (as modifier): an autograph letter



(1) A handwritten inscription or signature.

(2) A handwritten author’s manuscript. Autographs form an important source for establishing the canonical (recognized as authentic) text of a work and are valuable material for studying the creative process of writers, scholars, and historical figures. The collection and custody of autographs is one of the functions of archives, libraries, and museums. In the USSR, manuscripts by K. Marx, F. Engels, V. I. Lenin, and several leaders of the CPSU are kept at the Central Party Archive of the CPSU Central Committee’s Institute of Marxism-Leninism. There are large collections of writers’ autographs at the V. I. Lenin State Library of the USSR and the State Literature Museum in Moscow, at the M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin State Public Library and the Institute of Russian Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (Pushkin House) in Leningrad, and in many memorial museums.

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Does the autographic accommodate the complex person hood of the one
Related but different remarks about the distinctions between autographic and allographic processes arise from the relation between the original and the execution.
So far, on the working of a manuscript, only autographic sketches and drafts are known and stored in the Music Department of the Austrian National Library.
The hand imprint recalls the use of such autographic marks in the work of high modernist masters such as Hans Hofmann or Jackson Pollock who both used handprints in their paintings in order to confer authenticity to their paintings through a primitivist sign.
His autographic punctuation can, and often does, inhabit the interstices between, for example, a period and a comma.
In fact all parties, whether more attracted to Frye's archetypalism, to the purity of religious antinomianism or to the autographic spontaneity of Blake's artisanship (as revealed by Joseph Viscomi (6)) seem unable to escape Blake's avowed ideology of the undivided image--even while they agree on little else about the fundamental nature and motivation of their subject.
Nor is it wholly superficial: For every simplified contour, one finds an X-ray-like outline; for each anonymous feature, an autographic glyph.
Developed under the influence of Happenings, performance art, and institutional critique, this model privileges the actor's singular, bodily presence as opposed to the reproducible role, thereby emphasizing the autographic as opposed to allographic component of performance.
Though also--and increasingly--an architect in his own right with notable projects to his credit, Balmond will likely remain best known as the engineer whose structural ingenuity allowed the most extravagant autographic gestures of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries to leave the sketchbooks and cad files of architectural offices and become structures in space.
As Croft connects his abstract art to the rhythm of daily life and commemorates its passing, his works might be called "relational," thanks to their blurring of the boundaries between the autographic and the conceptual aspects of artmaking.
By nimbly switching from one pictorial mode to another--for example, by painting illusionistically at one moment and diagrammatically the next--these artists demonstrate a flexibility and range that fly in the face of a single autographic style.
The curators of that exhibition included a silk screen known to be "by him" of Marilyn Monroe, though the attribution could not have rested on any authenticating autographic distinctiveness.