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see thyroid glandthyroid gland,
endocrine gland, situated in the neck, that secretes hormones necessary for growth and proper metabolism. It consists of two lobes connected by a narrow segment called the isthmus. The lobes lie on either side of the trachea, the isthmus in front of it.
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decreased functioning of the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is a mild form of myxedema. Its basic symptoms are fatigue, slowing down of physical and mental activity, somnolence, sluggishness, decreased memory, sensitivity to cold, puffiness of the face, edematous eyelids, dryness of skin, loss of hair, constipation, and lowered basal metabolism. The treatment for hypothyroidism is hormone therapy.


Condition caused by deficient secretion of the thyroid hormone.
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For example, subclinical autoimmune hypothyroidism was identified in numerous shift-workers of an Italian hospital.
8) This has been demonstrated in more than 9 studies, with athyrotic women experiencing greater increases than women with autoimmune hypothyroidism.

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