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Return of a substance to solution, as of phosphate removed from seawater by plankton and returned when these organisms die and decay.
Self-digestion by body cells following somatic or organ death or ischemic injury.



self-digestion of animal, plant, and microorganism tissue. In autolysis the cellular proteins, carbohydrates, and fats break down under the action of hydrolytic enzymes in the cells. In living organisms, autolysis is evident in necrotic centers and in cells of malignant neoplasms. Autolysis occurs in decomposing corpses. In plants autolysis occurs after the death of living cells as a result of low temperature, desiccation, and the action of such poisonous substances as chloroform and toluene, as well as during mechanical tissue disintegration. Autolysis of microbe cells is evident in aging microbe cultures and in microorganisms damaged by physical, chemical, or biological agents. Autolysis also occurs in several industrial processes—for example, in tobacco and tea fermentation and during feed storage.


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This, in itself, does not invalidate early reports of lysigeny, but it is important to understand that they were intended to convey something quite different from the modern understanding involving cell autolysis.
2010), the RI has historically performed pathological examinations on tissues collected solely after natural death, increasing the potential for autolysis and diagnostic difficulties (Hailey 2004; Malarkey et al.
Autolysis of lentinan, an antitumor polysaccharide, during storage of Lentinus edodes, shiitake mushroom, J.
Wine & Spirits Magazine offers this review of Fresh & Easy's Napa Family Vineyards Chardonnay to its readers: "The broad, nutty flavors of this wine show yeast autolysis while still tasting fresh.
Significant decrease of hemoglobin concentrations and RBC counts in blood samples stored at 33[degrees]C from BV was noticed after 60 hours from blood collection might be outcome of higher temperature induced conversion of some of the hemoglobin intermediates and due to significant autolysis of the RBCs associated with higher temperatures of storage.
Although conservative management is sufficient for patients with neurologic impairment, needle aspiration after autolysis of the hematoma, which can be confirmed by computed tomography (CT), is also recommended (4).
For those animals with no relevant conclusive lesions or in which autolysis was present, the cause of death was listed as undetermined.
Protease autolysis in heavy-duty liquid detergent formulations: effects of thermodynamic stabilizers and protease inhibitors.
If you think about making a beer, you want to leave a lot of big fruity fermentation character in it, and bottle fermentation is very good at doing that, but the drawback is you get a lot of yeast autolysis.
Slow kneading with autolysis then allows him to reveal aromas and obtain an unctuous, honeycombed crumb.