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He said that the directorate will sift applications through an automatic coding system, designed to ensure that all applications meet the criteria.
Contract notice: pa 2018-0-16: acquisition, adaptation and implementation services of an automatic coding and coding aid solution based on icd-10-es for the university hospital 12 de octubre
3 [micro]L and automatic coding of test strips, testing results are available in three seconds.
Similarly, automatic Coding Management will allow the lot code to be unique to the day, line or batch of manufacture.
SOLUTION: The implementation of automatic coding software, the APG/Calculator PC program from IRP Systems Inc.
People from Met Life reported on the work at the Automatic Coding Symposium held January 1957 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.
If the organization you need to talk to is not listed there, contact the Federation of Automatic Coding Technologies (FACT) at the number listed in the box.
EMscribe's automatic data abstraction coupled with its automatic coding capabilities is bringing significant ROI to Newark Beth Israel.
The Vacuum Carton Coder from Thermo Allen Coding is a fully automatic coding machine specially designed for accurate print positioning at high speeds.
Announced in August 2007, Axcelerate[TM] eDiscovery offers revolutionary early case assessment (ECA), automatic coding, review and analysis technology that dramatically improves the way litigation review and analysis is conducted.
With software innovation powering today's successful aircraft, automatic coding standard verification is becoming more and more important," commented Cyrille Comar, Managing Director, AdaCore Europe.
a leader in clinical research software and services, today announced that it is establishing a partnership with Galt Associates, an international leader in managing risk through information, to offer customers expedited automatic coding of real-time data being exchanged during clinical trials.

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