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the Change the Generating Group (Ge) by increasing its power and including the rescue of the draft fan and automatic coupling of Ge.
In addition, the eight-speed automatic transmission with steptronic ensures fast gear changes without the loss of traction thanks to the automatic coupling.
With the Haldex automatic coupling 4WD system operating in front wheel drive mode under normal road conditions to save fuel, it's simple to drive on rougher, slippier terrain.
The system also features automatic coupling and locking plus fully integrated air lines and intermediate frames that eliminate the need for additional parts.
Kremenchuk Steel Works Stockholding Company deals in production and supply of cast parts for four-wheel and six-wheel goods wagon bogies, and automatic coupling devices in Ukraine and internationally.
National Express will operate the trains, equipped with an automatic coupling at every front end, predominantly in multiple traction.
Using a crane and with the help of mechanical centering and changing procedures, the metalcaster can carry out a furnace change quickly using the all the necessary media, which are connected by automatic coupling.
The unhappy railwayman, working to link two carriages together, simply asks when the train companies are going to do something about the "appalling" high number of deaths and injuries to shunters like himself, which could be avoided "by the introduction - as in America - of an automatic coupling system.
The system will also perform automatic coupling and uncoupling at the yard and manage car consist makeup.

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