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Hyundai had adjusted the price of the Verna with manual gear last month to start at EGP 149,900, an increase of EGP 2,400 pounds, while the automatic trim of it cost EGP 174,000, down EGP 17,000.
2-litre diesel automatic trim in range-topping Sport Nav - turned up for further scrutiny.
When castings enter cleaning and finishing, automatic trim press or grinding systems also serve as gauges to ensure tolerances have been met in production.
Ekba makes accessories for aluminum fishing boats, including technology products related to automatic trim controls and boat lighting.
Another productivity improvement feature is the Automatic Trim Seal function, which is ideal for filling bags destined for the retail market.
Utilizing either robotic or manual handling of cast components, the automatic trim presses feature the following: dimensional control of the castings; accurate casting trimming; defect detection; system management and maintenance software; and ultrasonic non-destructive testing.
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