COM automation

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COM automation

A particular usage of Microsoft's COM-based component software architecture that lets applications expose their internal functions as COM objects. Called "automation" or "OLE automation," it enables tasks that are normally selected from menus to be automatically executed. For example, a small script could be written to extract data from a database, put it into a spreadsheet, summarize and chart it, all without manual intervention.

Virtually any internal routine can be written as a COM object and its interfaces exposed to other programs. Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel are written as COM objects, and not only do they allow their functions to be automated, but they offer programmers a toolbox of functions that can save them the time and effort of writing similar routines themselves.

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1 makes the integration of existing custom driver code and specialized applications with automation client products possible like never before," said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox, Inc.
Smallworld 3 can act as a Microsoft Automation client and server, allowing integration with desktop applications such as Microsoft Word and the use of mainstream development environments such as Visual Basic and Delphi for application development.
Novell also granted to Proginet a perpetual worldwide full source license to the PC Automation Client Code and Host-to-PC Code as Novell VAR.
0 automation client, which means that Reflection can pass mainframe data to other Windows applications, like Excel.
The firms are intending to provide cellular services that help enable Rockwell Automation clients to securely collect, manage and take action on data from industrial equipment situated in plans and remote places worldwide.
The driver supplies data access to clients outside of typical Building Automation clients, including HMI, SCADA, Historian, and Enterprise applications that support OPC standards.
StrategicOne plans to upgrade its current marketing automation clients to YellowBrick's software sol utions.
With this new payment automation clients benefit from a streamlined payment cycle with the ability to process and post third-party payments electronically.
Space is now available for other building automation clients to lease from Controlco.
Full Compatibility with Listener Driven Radio Enables WideOrbit Radio Automation Clients to Deliver Live Programming Control to their Listeners
0 includes OLE automation clients and the ability to create OLE automation servers for access by products that support OLE automation interfaces;
Our next generation integration with Axia enables a significant reduction in hardware investment and complexity for our radio automation clients.

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