COM automation

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COM automation

A particular usage of Microsoft's COM-based component software architecture that lets applications expose their internal functions as COM objects. Called "automation" or "OLE automation," it enables tasks that are normally selected from menus to be automatically executed. For example, a small script could be written to extract data from a database, put it into a spreadsheet, summarize and chart it, all without manual intervention.

Virtually any internal routine can be written as a COM object and its interfaces exposed to other programs. Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel are written as COM objects, and not only do they allow their functions to be automated, but they offer programmers a toolbox of functions that can save them the time and effort of writing similar routines themselves.

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Sabic's role in the development of the Simatic S7-1500 Automation Controller by Siemens for the Industrial Automation sector was portrayed in the Stories of Possible series.
The PowerFlex 527 drive is the first AC drive designed to work exclusively with a Logix-based programmable automation controller (PAC).
The study covers services, software, modular input/output modules, programmable automation controller as well as large, medium, small and nano PLC.
3 offers a high level of system availability and rapid response times by virtue of the fact that the programmes run directly on the automation controller as opposed to on a PC.
Additionally, two others, Charles Todd, owner of a Nevada manufacturing company, and former Haas Automation controller Kenneth Greene have also pleaded guilty and are pending sentencing.
The company says its T2550 Scalable Programmable Automation Controller with Ethernet communication is its first to bundle full configurable process control and I/O in a compact field-mountable base plate and termination assembly.
Not only does the design ensure that the blast system's programmable automation controller (PAC) seamlessly exchanges process data with the robot controller, but it also enables powerful features to be built into the human-machine interface, such as tracking of individual components as they move through processing and easy access to production statistics, fault records and maintenance advice.
Modular lines are configured to accept material flow from the left or right side using standard robot programs installed in the automation controller.
All process, machine logic, and safety interlock data are stored in the Plastics Automation Controller and available over the Data Highway+ communications link, which is standard on controllers.
The NJ101 is the first basic Machine Automation Controller with up to 2 axes or no axis and fully compatible with the NJ501/301 Machine Automation Controllers.
However, the high dependency on the automation controller market could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.
Qt(TM) graphics optimized for embedded automation controller user interface (UI) applications

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