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Machinery a group of mating components before or after fitting together


(computer science)
The automatic translation into machine language of a computer program written in symbolic language.
(mechanical engineering)
A unit containing the component parts of a mechanism, machine, or similar device.


An early system on the IBM 702.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):1959-05-16].
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We must move away, though not completely, from large scale heteronomous production towards small-scale autonomous production.
He explores the interplay between an aestheticizing, "Plinian" art history that sees art as an autonomous production of the individual artist, and more recent, historically informed approaches that concentrate on the consumer and the ways in which an artist's individual style rests on historically contingent circumstances.
All of that will be much appreciated by the filmmaking community, except for one niggling fact: MGM and its sister company, United Artists, two of Hollywood's proudest labels, have now ceased to function as autonomous production entities.

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