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Although intact crabs were more successful than were nonintact crabs in competing for females, those induced to autotomize a claw were considerably more successful than crabs that were manually declawed.
With phylogenetic correction, we examined the relationship between body mass and willingness to autotomize a limb.
bimaculatus), we found a significant relationship between species' average time to autotomize the limb and average body mass, with larger species demonstrating less readiness to autotomize a limb compared with smaller species (Fig.
Many animals possess the ability to self-amputate, or autotomize, an appendage in response to injury or its threat (Robinson et al.
Animals were forced to autotomize one limb - either a claw or the fourth walking leg.
The simplest one was to induce the animal to autotomize its claw after ecdysis by gently pinching the limb with forceps just distal to the autotomy plane.